How Is Lip Filler Performed?

Lip filler is undoubtedly the most popular filler procedure in the field of aesthetic surgery. These fillers are among the most common plastic surgery procedures in order to make the lips look much fuller and smoother and to protect them against the impacts of aging.

These filler treatments are applied in such a manner to make the lips look natural are appropriate both for men and women. It is an extremely significant procedure both in terms of the health and making the lips look more beautiful. Dr. Saliha is one of the most experienced specialists in this field.

Lip filler, which is applied both for physical appearance and the health issues, has a unique technique. The empty parts of the lips and especially the thin parts of the lips are filled with the filler materials that are injected into the lower and upper lips with a syringe. It is a procedure which shows its effect even while injecting the filler.

Those who want to have lip filler treatment may have many questions in their minds and they should also investigate the cost of this procedure.